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  • This page is delivered by ASP (4.x .Net) with no code behind.
  • It demostrates some of the features available to Angular JS. And utilizes the (min) 1.4.8 framework.
  • There is no dynamic content on this page.
  • To view how the examples are coded please view the source for this page.

Simple client repeat (Parrot)

Please type your name:

Name :

Text Input: {{name}}

Simple client directive (ng-init)

The value is initialized:

Simple client expression (with numbers)

25 + 25 = {{ 25 + 25 }}

Simple client expression (with an object {person})

The full name is {{ person.FirstName + ' ' + person.LastName}}

Simple client expression (with an Array [ 7,1,18,22,99 ] )

The array is zero based so the points[0] element is {{ points[0] }}